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Friday, July 6, 2012

It's 3am and I wasted my sleep time

oh...tomorrow got OMHS survey and i still wide awake, sitting in front of my laptop. Surely tomorrow I'll be looking like a zombie.


I Ate 2 Subways & Crave For More!

non stop queue! but waited patiently & anxious. dunno why. i've eaten Subway before and i've learned the trick.i will not order the menu like chicken, crab etc. that is so thin, i dun even taste it! i've made my mind.TUNA & ROASTED CHICKEN.initially i want to order Parmesan Oregano but it was out stock.
Then it left me with no option but to choose Honey Oat.ohhh...btw, it is Buy 1,Free 1 Promo and I ate both! haha...coz there were 3 of us and the odd one was me. I dun mind to wrap my abs with more adipose cells (T_T). At UM, I ate both and toally love it. HOney Oat bread is actually better than Parmesan Oregano.Confirm! As usual Tuna Subway did not dissapoint me and Roasted Chicken was delicious as I expected. Look forward to order the same Subway!

Afiq is totally a line is very long and it even reached the corridor outside. Subway was busy since lunch time!

Beginner in Temple Run! 

Half Price & Double Awesome

Honestly, this was my first time i had starbucks. im a fan of so many delicious food/drinks but to not a fan of expensive meal.cheapskate maybe.LOL. so as a first timer, i love the beverage! it was friday and Frappucino Happy Hour is still available. i chose Caramel Cappucino as suggested by Afiq and I was euphoric becoz of it.haha...but actually i love Choc Chips more than Caramel Cappucino. Then 2 weeks later, i went with my sister and bought Choc Chips Frap. I love when choc chips were in my mouth.

This is obviously not my photo.Just wanna show my fav pastry. SAUSAGE CHEESE ROLL. i am BIG FAN of CHEESE, SAUSAGE & PASTRY!!! i can skip my meal just for this. and one more is RAISIN CREAM CHEESE. Cheese again! haha...that explains the adipose in me! :)

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