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Saturday, December 17, 2011


Oh..suke nye tengok Shila Amzah...ingt lagi mase zaman die kanak2 (we all sebaya,hihia), tgok die kt kanak2.siap ade fans lagi.kecik2 dah ade, x expect la die akan faymes mcm skrg.dulu ade sengau sikit.skrg letops! tp i follow la jugak die ni.n sgt sedeh coz die xmenang mse dlm OIAM.nseb baek kalah dengan Ayu.kire ok la.Ayu pon sedap jugak.skrg Ayu pon dah ke mane.shila pon skang siap ade youtube channel.i la among fans die yg gigih mendownload lagu2 tuh...haha...n sekrg jatuh chenta sama itu lagu PATAH SERIBU. bukan MATA SERIBU ye.mata seribu tu lagu Abg Untunglah yg nyanyi kt dengan album 3 suara die.pergh..sume lagu meletop kt radio. and currently sibuk becinta yek.cumel kapel satu nih. Shila + Sharnaaz.shila baya aku baru 21 tahun.Sharnaaz dah 26.ok la.xjauh sngt.hehe....xsabar nk tgok official VC Patah Seribu.baru ade teaser die jek.

 sebijik muke shila n mummy nye

sngt matang ok

 cute :)

hamboi posing 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ala tomey-tomey...

Awat comey sngt ni Datuk??? cubit pipi sikit...ehmmm...gebu nya pipi.Pi Spa ka tiap-tiap ari? haha...but yes,she's cute maa....

Dihempas Ombak Rindu

owh yes.Hit by the waves And drowned in L.O.V.E! Yeah..few days ago pergi tgok Ombak Rindu dengan sisters and her tunang. I've read the novel when i was in secondary school.Mak buyonga.k.a Kak long kan suke kumpul novel zaman dulu.Cintan cintun la kunun si adik menumpang bace.The truth is, dah lupe dah jalan cerita die.But still, I remembered the name.Hariz + Izzah. so nak review la sikit. Overall, the places where they had shooting were so damn nice.suasana kampung.It is Langkawi.Never tot that all the sawah still exist in these modern days. To make it short,it is surely impossible to make hundreds pages novel into 1 and 1/2 hours it is expected la when they jumped here n there.but still, i love the mood.
Maya Karin, saya suka awak la :)  
eventhough still ade accent/slang die tuh.but Maya + Aaron relly did a good job there.I can felt it.Plus, OST by Hafiz n Adira helped me into the mood. My best scene is : Izzah berlari-lari kejar kereta Hariz lepas dituduh curang n she fall down. Sngt sedih.And i would give a clap for Lisa for an improvement but still, there's something wrong with her character.Dunno why.And i felt that this movie has potential to be is a very old-time-traditional-malay love movie, but it works somehow.maybe the casts did a very good job.Congratz to all.after all, I love OSMAN ALI's works.After Cun, this is another nice piece of art.

 owh...they have a good chemistry eventhough hardly to see both of them acting togther b4.

oh yeah...this is my best scene too.Aaron was so sweet in this scene.hehe..

My Love

Dear my love,

I've been spending times reading all posts in forum and found that We,your super-fan are so hoping that u'll be joining MW or MU2013. Pls dun give up coz we are dying to see u shining in the eyes of da world. Learn from the past and beat all those common face chinese girls that keep representing us Malaysian! We are better than that,dun u think! hope you enjoy your life and grab the crown! 

oh why..why and why?? why am i falling in love with you girl? You re such a sweet n cute one! :)
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