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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Zani Sa'at, 21, Malaysia!!!

Jangan lupe beli yek adik-adik magazine Vogue & Esquire yg latest! 

Please, just be nice.

It's so frustrated when u are the only one who CARE for other people's feeling, but in return people fail to do the same thing for you. And what am i? Clown is it? One time U bashed me when I left you out, but did i scold u? Never. Coz i keep my own way that i hate to hurt people's feeling, since i know it will be very unpleasant to fight, fight and fight over something unimportant thing, right? Coz i always put myself in the situation, where people hurt my feeling and i fucking hate it!

Do you think it will be the same scenario when i'm the one who bashed u when u ignore and exclude me? NO. surely it's not same.U know why? u will accuse me for being HYPER-SUPER-DUPER EMOTIONAL and start labelling me as "not a good" friend. 

i dun like to start a fight coz words that will come out from my mouth when emotionally unstable, will surely crush your heart like a blender. when a sitution like dis happen, i always wondering WHY and WHY? why is it so difficult for u to please other people? did your parents taught u how to care for people's feeling? life is not about you alone, but it involved many please be nice.

yes, in this case, im a victim when u labelled me as "MULUT JAHAT". oh really? for the record, i dun simply curse people if they were nice to me. only those who did bad thing deserved it. and it is fucking annoying when people labelling me@ Melaka people as badmouth person. i agreed with all those "LAHABAU"  that we said, but it only happen among the elderly in kampung2 when they meet their friend.So, u are trying to tell me that your people (whatever STATE it is!) are so nice, polite that not even one of them ever said BABI, BODOH, SIAL, LAHANAT, WAKLU, BONGOK etc etc in their life? Wow! And who are you again? Angel is it? LOL. Stop being racist. If you hate us, just keep in your heart.No need to express it. Will u be angry if i say, for example, KELANTANESE are dirty people?. just an example. Not racist. The same goes with us.Understood? 

MALAYSIA is in peace and harmony. Try to live in a good, non-racial, peaceful way. Be nice to people. Be thankful for everything we owned today. Look at the bright side where other unfortunate countries are suffering from poverty, etc.... so,just want to say...


*Hari Malaysia boleh posing maut cm cenggini kan? xsalah kan? haha.LOL.*

Miss Malaysia Universe 2012 Candidates

so, these are all the candidates. what i cn say is,very few of them are beautiful. very common beauty.and some are UGLY....wth the organizer think?? but overall, here are some of the favourites from all the fans.

 1. Juanita Ramayah,20

 the only girl that i like.she has Asian looks (coz they speculated that Debbie's lost was due to her lack of Asian looks! that was so wrong!).Hope she win!

 2. Gabriela Robinson,22

 she looks beautiful but when look at the zoom-in pic, she is not that hot. there something wrong with her mouth.I dun like it. And i dun think girl with Mix blood or pan-asia look will be suitable for the next MU 2012.Look at Debbie.Poor her!

3. Kimberly Legget, 18

in her old pic (Model Photoshoot), she looks very pretty with her Pan-Asia n British face. But, in the resume pic (1st pic), her face shape looks weird. i dun like her. not so malaysian!

It's totally a conspiracy !

it's so sad to hear when Deborah, our representative for MU 2011 came back without any placement.NOT EVEN as a SEMIFINALIST(Top 16). After many predictions that were made by MU fans + other entertainment websites, she was totally excluded and judges dun even bother to look at her.OMG...her prelim performance was damn good, obviously better than Miss Angola. She was among top 10 favourites and her lost was felt by fans all over the world. She was good in her evening gown, swim suit and web interview but still, failed to impress all those blind judges.She ranked top 10 in online voting. Honestly,those who get selected in top 16,they are not that good. The result was so unexpected + bias.

After all, it seems that Malaysia will never win. Even stunner like Debbie didnt win, how i'll be able to think about all those SEPET CHINESE or NOT SO BEAUTY INDIAN or whatever race the girl is, to win the next crown. We rarely get good traits like Debbie. I already saw the candidates for 2012 and it's so WTF???? Hope Andrea can transform the future-MMU to be so well-prepared.just wait n see.

doesnt she looked great?? 
love u Debbie.

Salam Aidilfitri 2011


Maaf Zahir & Batin

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