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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Someone got married and 2 days hangout

Our friend, Raidah got married last many of our friends are going to that pathway.a marriage.well, for me it's good for them as long as they can manage their marriage and study at the same fact, most married student actually performed better compared when they were single.dunno the plan was to attend the wedding as well as hangout with close friends around Malacca. it was sad and embarrassed for me since im so bad with remembering maps and places.haha..i was struggling for the 2 days travel as a co-pilot.after all, we had so much fun with so much stress during the earlier week. we snapped some photos!

 sg melaka at night

 jonker walk! first time.wee~

 isnt she pretty? and she got twin. pinang dibelah 2

 famous coconut milk shake.maybe this is the last time.huhu.after  my mom revealed all about it!

 a mosque next to the beach.very windy and it! very nice view la.

 river cruising at sg melaka.we aimed for sunset and we got to see one.

 dinner at Medan Ikan Bakar Serkam.our regular ikan bakar place.nice one!

we were at Zoo Melaka

 Lunch at Ayam Penyet the chicken n keli 

She's married!

Kak Ngah got married recently one month ago. It was a fun and memorable day.She was so beautiful on her wedding and im proud of it. It worth for all the efforts,all the fightings over small matter and being choosy for something perfect.She got wht she want and we enjoyed it very much. Overall, the event was totally ok except the guests that came were not as many as Kak Long's wedding. It is expected and we can accept that.And what more important is we got a new family member, Abang Ngah. Dear Allah,please bless our family.Amin..So just enjoy some photos yeah!


About 3 days ago i got a very shocking and sad news from a schoolmate about our friend Isma Zaini who passed away after drowned in a lake.what? it was so unexpected and a very very sad thing to hear. he was my classmate back in MRSM terendak and he was the one who loves to tease his classmate. I seriously cant accept the fact that he is not here anymore with us. The last time i met arwah was last year when he joined a rugby event in PJ and we went lunch together after that. we made fun of each other back as old days in school. he was the same guy i knew since school time eventhough he can be quite annoying and irritating. as soon as i read the news in fb, all the 2 years memories as a classmate flushed into my mind. we classmate are quite closed back then. i'll pray for him and hope allah forgiven all his sins and receive his taubat.amin.

 he is the one who put hand on my shoulder

Tentang Dhia has been 2 months since i got the "Pakcik" a.k.a "Uncle" Mont title...hehe.finally i have a niece.and a cute one actually.i was so excited and anxious waited for her since we have the same zodiac.she was born on 25th March 2012 and it's just 4 days b4 my birthday. seriously cannot wait for her first birthday.i hope we'll have good one.she is adorable and well-behaved compared to some really annoying little baby with inconsolable crying. she only cries when she didnt get enough breastmilk as she supposed to know what i mean. a mother with first baby who's struggling with an efficient breastfeed.haha...i would say Kak Long a bit afraid to handle Dhia at first since she is so small.Oh i forgot to mention her name. Ainul Mardhiah.what a sweet name right?.im so againts parents who give a very odd name or a name with no good meanings. Eg: danish, danisha,dariuz,d...d...d..... All start with D.Or a name like Mikael, Ratu bla..bla.., Cleopatra..Zidane. lol. Are you serious? You are so weird Muslim.haha.

ok back to Dhia.She is so cute with less crying and not a problematic one.easy to handle.and she is so approachable. you can hug, kiss and do whatever you wish and she'll never cry unless got bussiness to be done down there la.haha...and now she is much clever.she wont stop crying if no one hold her and pat her back to resettle her back to sleep.time moves so slow.i cant wait to see she grows right before my eyes. it is so much fun to be with children.but not a spoiled one.i totally cant tolerate that make theme less cute actually.hihi. and i'll promise to you my little girl that i'll spend lots of time with you.i'll buy lots of toys,barbie doll, ice cream and everything. And i cant wait for Kak Ngah to have baby too.surely the baby is so handsome/pretty since Abg Ngah got "syeikh" blood. A cute one like preity zinta.or mybe imran khan.they are sweet arent they? wow.time flies so an uncle. i wish Allah bless my family forever. Please give us happiness.Amin.

 immediately after birth

owh..i love how she smiles now.and her eyes are wide awake compared to before.much playful.and sweet little mouth.hoho.

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