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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Eh wau bulan teraju 3

just one thing i wanna say,

Oh my dear Debbie, 

"u looks so stunning!"

National costume inspired by wau bulan.
the first pic looks more like wau bulan.

malaysian top designer, amir luqman.(letops kau nyah!)

some of the fans, really hate dis costume becoz it's too simple and the color is not catchy, but bland.
but, i love dis costume.hope it win something.

malaysian's big hope for deborah.may u win dis year n bring the crown here in malaysia!

Vicious cycle

Why i keep regretting myself ? I never had my lesson. keep doing the same,old mistakes again and again and again. At the end of the day, i'll cry and wish to turn back time. it is so myself. despite being reminded by my father about these mistake, i keep doing it.why i never think? i should will take my whole self to change.  
Ya Allah, please forgive me! Help me.Show me the way. always a blur person. i wish something big to happen, so that i will change. but, i never want that THING to happen. it's very stressful, burdensome, and i never want to experience it. Please Ya Allah, give me hidayah n strength. i always forget u.only find u when im lost.forgive me Ya Allah. forgive me..

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